How To Use Our Custom Framing App

In this post I'm going to give you a tutorial on how to use our framing app called "the Framing Studio" located at the top of this page via the "Framing" link. 
Larson Juhl provides us with their fantastic framing app to preview your images at home (if they happen to be on your computer or in digital format) and to help you get an idea of what you're looking for when you come into the gallery. 
The process is straightforward. 
  1. Upload Your Art/Photo
  2. Pick The Mat You Like
  3. Pick The Moulding You Want
  4. Virtually visualize your framed piece
The best tool here is the ability to upload anything you like (pictured above.) That means even if you're not sure whether you want to buy a poster or piece online, you can save the image, upload it to this app, and begin framing it digitally by adding any combination of matting or even beautiful inner fillet's (shown below.)
Once you're done adding the details it's time to add the main outer custom frame using the frame selector. Here you can select the type of frames you want to see. Once you've filled out the frame settings you must hit the "View Frame Choices >>>" button to display the frames that fit the criteria you chose.
Now you have a nice selection of frames to chose from to add to your digital visualization:
Now you can go the extra-mile and choose a wall color to really help you decide whether this is the best frame for your piece. It even lets you choose which color palette you prefer:
Now that all the fun parts are out of the way you'll see a digital rendering of your frame on your screen ready to be emailed, saved on your phone, or printed out to bring into I've Been Framed. You can even share it to our Facebook page and we'll help you from there as well.
The best way to save it is by choosing an option within the app on the lower right side of the screen above the options you were just choosing:
Our example with all settings chosen:
Hope that helps! Have a great day!
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