Custom Frame Moldings: Quality Over Quantity

Custom Frame Moldings: Quality Over Quantity

By Cristina Coronel

Custom Frame Moldings: Quality Over Quantity

The best artists take time and care in choosing the canvas' for their work. They take extra care when blending every color, and our professional custom framers assemble all of our unique wood moldings customized for your needs. We focus on providing the highest-end, original customized wood frames from various supplies.

I've Been Framed follows certain standards and guidelines to customize the wood frames you need by ensuring they are inspected regularly and stored professionally:

  1. Quality Materials

    Artists select the best paints for their work, and you can expect the professionals at I've Been Framed to use high-quality moldings sourced from the best suppliers. All of our moldings are hand-picked by our experts.

  2. Regular Inspection

    Our hands-on crafters scan for knots, notches, and imperfections. If one is found we cut from the frame with a precision saw and smoothed to perfection. If a frame is bowed we send it back and never makes it to our storage facilities.

  3. Variety

    We take pride in always being able to offer the latest and largest variety of frames to our customers. I've Been Framed offers a wide range of textures, styles, and colors in frames and mats to fit the uniqueness of your project. Our custom state-of-the-art "Wizard" mat cutting robot creates wonderful designs that pair nicely with our hand-crafted custom frames.

  4. Hand-Crafted

    We may use a fancy computer to cut our mats, but ALL of our frames are cut by hand by our expert framers. They're processed precisely and assembled with care all by hand. Every piece must pass an inspection for imperfections. The wood frames are then given a professional finish with putty and polish before they are wiped clean. We even place a silicon bumpers on the back of the frames to prevent them from moving on your walls.

We hope this offers a clear picture of the importance that "quality over quantity" has in our framing studio. Call us today or come by and we'll help you get started turning your vision into a masterpiece.