How To Make Your Vacation Memories Last Forever

How To Make Your Vacation Memories Last Forever

By Cristina Coronel

How To Make Your Vacation Memories Last Forever

Summer is over now with the first day of school behind us, but the memories made can last a lifetime. Preserve your vacation memories forever in a beautifully crafted custom frame. We carry a wide variety of frames and styles to choose from that will match every occasion and preserve those timeless summer memories.

The Shadow Box

One framing technique we recommend to enhance those summer mementos is known as the "Shadow Bow." Our Shadow Boxes are deeper than our standard frames. They're designed to display and store your most valuable moments and memories. Some examples of mementos to preserve in shadow boxes are:

  • Jerseys from your child's summer baseball league
  • Brochures and Programs from a graduation ceremony
  • Pictures and gifts from weddings
  • Seashells from vacations on the beach

Here are some examples to help you get an idea of how they may look when finished:


Did you get married this summer or did your family attend a destination wedding? Cherish those memories in a luxurious shadow box that allows you to truly appreciate them from every angle.



Did your family visit the Bahamas and take pictures on the beach? Did your kids build an amazing sand castle and collect sea shells? Uniquely designed sea shells collected on the sand can add that finishing touch to any framed memory.  

I hope these examples of shadow boxes entice your creativity and come up with more unique ways to showcase your memories in your home and/or office. See you soon!