Designing an Eclectic Gallery Wall w/ I've Been Framed

Designing an Eclectic Gallery Wall w/ I've Been Framed

By Cristina Coronel

Designing an Eclectic Gallery Wall w/ I've Been Framed

Ever wanted that "gallery" feel from the frames on your walls when you walk into one of your rooms? Placing images on a wall to give it a natural, clean look is paramount to designing an interior. 

Let's begin by choosing your layout.

Get the art or pieces you want to mount/hang on your walls to begin organizing them.

The main two layouts to be aware of are "Modern" and "Eclectic." Heres a brief description of each:

  • Modern — A more traditional look with a distinct shape, a modern layout is uniform and linear.
  • Eclectic — A varied look, an eclectic layout is not limited to paintings or photos. Feel free to mix shapes, mediums, colors, and depths.

For a modern style layout, you'll need to create symmetrical, grid-like gallery walls by ensuring spacing is even. Frames will match and end up getting organized into a structured pattern that's easy on the eye. Uniformity is key here.

Frames don't necessarily need to match or be the same size for an eclectic style layout. The amount of flexibility in an eclectic style layout is enormous.

For this post I'm going to teach you how to set up an eclectic gallery wall. 

Laying out the structure

Layouts for eclectic walls are simple enough if you have the right tools for the job. Everything is mixed-and-matched so our style will be very non-conformist by nature. Cristina Coronel from I've Been Framed Custom Framing in Miami, FL says that it's always best to visualize your pieces on your wall before beginning to make holes to hang them.

1. Set up the layout.

Arrange your pieces on the floor or a table how you would hang them on your wall. This gives you the flexibility to move your pieces around until you find the perfect fit! Cristina suggests starting with a center focused piece and work the other pieces around that one.

2. Trace the outlines of your frames

Using brown paper just trace your frames and cut them out by size. It will help you get the correct dimensions of your pieces on your wall.


Now tape your paper cut out to the wall and find that perfect design for your new eclectic room!

4. Start adding your art.

Now you can begin replacing your art with the paper cutouts taped on the wall. Things are coming together nicely!


5. Bask in the glory of your new ECLECTIC gallery wall!

Image result for eclectic gallery wall

Wow, that wasn't too bad! Hard work always pays off. Now look at how perfect your art ties your room together. 


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