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Designing an Eclectic Gallery Wall w/ I've Been Framed

Ever wanted that "gallery" feel from the frames on your walls when you walk into one of your rooms? Placing images on a wall to give it a natural, clean look is paramount to designing an interior.  Let's begin by choosing your layout. Get the art or pieces you want to mount/hang on your walls to begin organizing them.The main two layouts to be aware of are "Modern" and "Eclectic." Heres a brief description of each: Modern — A more traditional look with a distinct shape, a modern layout is uniform and linear. Eclectic — A varied look, an eclectic layout is not limited to paintings or photos. Feel free to mix shapes, mediums, colors, and depths. For a modern style...

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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Valentine's day gifts don't have to be boring and predictable. Spice up your Valentine's day by giving your significant other a beautiful custom frame to let them know you care. We dug up some great, creative ideas that you can bring in and let us help you customize to fit your needs. 1. DIY "Kiss" Artwork (via Style Me Pretty) The best part of this gift is that it has a very personal element involved. Put on the lipstick of your choice and lay some big smooches on a medium you want to get framed. Bring it in and we'll handle it with the care necessary to make sure nothing smudges. Use different shades of lipstick to add your own...

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