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Filling Large Wall Space with Big Custom Frames

Large wall space along hallways and corridors have always been difficult to design and decorate. Why not go BIGG with larger scale custom framed prints and artwork. Our custom art installers can hang them evenly in a uniform row to guide guests down the hallway or towards a separate wing of the home or office.  Here are some more great examples of filling up large wall space: Photo by Gaile Guevara - Look for contemporary hallway design inspiration Photo by houzz - More contemporary hallway ideas Photo by houzz - Discover contemporary hallway design ideas Photo by houzz - Browse modern living room ideas Photo by houzz - Search contemporary home theater design ideas If you have any questions or want ideas...

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Choosing the Right Frame for Your Art is Difficult

  Picking the right frame for your work is difficult. All we have to do is mention the word "frame" and most artists lean towards the "do-it-yourself" approach. We don't blame them either, because most custom framers tend to overcharge for their services. What most framers don't understand is that artists, designers, and collectors work in two-dimension. Framing costs increase their bottom-line, thus affecting the way they price their work and products. Most artists agree that finding a good, local framer is an exhausting process. We're here to break that mold. We aim to work within margins in order for everyone to reap the fruits of the labor that goes into custom framing. Finding the Right Frame Art can be...

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Designing an Eclectic Gallery Wall w/ I've Been Framed

Ever wanted that "gallery" feel from the frames on your walls when you walk into one of your rooms? Placing images on a wall to give it a natural, clean look is paramount to designing an interior.  Let's begin by choosing your layout. Get the art or pieces you want to mount/hang on your walls to begin organizing them.The main two layouts to be aware of are "Modern" and "Eclectic." Heres a brief description of each: Modern — A more traditional look with a distinct shape, a modern layout is uniform and linear. Eclectic — A varied look, an eclectic layout is not limited to paintings or photos. Feel free to mix shapes, mediums, colors, and depths. For a modern style...

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