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Designing an Eclectic Gallery Wall w/ I've Been Framed

Ever wanted that "gallery" feel from the frames on your walls when you walk into one of your rooms? Placing images on a wall to give it a natural, clean look is paramount to designing an interior.  Let's begin by choosing your layout. Get the art or pieces you want to mount/hang on your walls to begin organizing them.The main two layouts to be aware of are "Modern" and "Eclectic." Heres a brief description of each: Modern — A more traditional look with a distinct shape, a modern layout is uniform and linear. Eclectic — A varied look, an eclectic layout is not limited to paintings or photos. Feel free to mix shapes, mediums, colors, and depths. For a modern style...

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How To Use Our Custom Framing App

In this post I'm going to give you a tutorial on how to use our framing app called "the Framing Studio" located at the top of this page via the "Framing" link.  Larson Juhl provides us with their fantastic framing app to preview your images at home (if they happen to be on your computer or in digital format) and to help you get an idea of what you're looking for when you come into the gallery.  The process is straightforward.  Upload Your Art/Photo Pick The Mat You Like Pick The Moulding You Want Virtually visualize your framed piece The best tool here is the ability to upload anything you like (pictured above.) That means even if you're not sure...

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