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Frame and Design Ideas from I've Been Framed

There's countless types of frames you can combine with infinite mat options. When you walk into a store it can be a bit overwhelming when the design possibilities are truly unlimited. Mixing and matching colors to fit your home or office's style that accentuate and bring out the features of your art. The medium being framed is hands down the most important factor when deciding what to use. For example, a canvas is framed completely different than a lithograph, even if it is of the same image. The subject, era, style and color scheme of the items being framed should also be factored in. When each of them is carefully considered, the resulting frame design is more likely to be in sync...

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IBF Design Tips: Mat Border Size

Mat border widths change in popularity like fashion trends. The current style is the use of wider borders than the typical borders used decades ago. Today most people look at mats as an opportunity to add an accent to the frame design, but originally mats were neutral in color and used to give the viewer's eye space between the art and where it's being displayed. The wider the mat's borders the easier it is to focus on the art. Take your time experimenting with different options. They're endless!

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