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Choosing the Right Frame for Your Art is Difficult

  Picking the right frame for your work is difficult. All we have to do is mention the word "frame" and most artists lean towards the "do-it-yourself" approach. We don't blame them either, because most custom framers tend to overcharge for their services. What most framers don't understand is that artists, designers, and collectors work in two-dimension. Framing costs increase their bottom-line, thus affecting the way they price their work and products. Most artists agree that finding a good, local framer is an exhausting process. We're here to break that mold. We aim to work within margins in order for everyone to reap the fruits of the labor that goes into custom framing. Finding the Right Frame Art can be...

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Let Your Frames Stand-out with Optium Museum Acrylic Glass by Tru Vue

On the Tru Vue website there was an article detailing that their biggest attractions from their booth at the 2016 West Coast Art and Frame Expo. They demonstrated a monstrous 9-foot by 5-foot piece that showcased the difference that Optium Museum Acrylic glass has on large framed pieces. The Show They installed some fans into the back of the frame to create an airflow to demonstrate how foam particles build up and stay attached to the inside of the glass. On the left with the foam particles built up in the center is the regular glass, and on the right is the Optium Museum Acrylic. Check out the difference below:   As you can see the Optium Museum Acrylic doesn't...

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